Ceramic Materials

Huper Optik is the only ceramic film that has a patented window film technology. Huper Optik offers high heat rejection without the sacrifice of reflective or dark films. Huper Optik enhances the view both inside and out while offering clear visibility with lasting comfort and protection.

Ceramic Performance for your Home, Office and Auto, Installed by A-1 Tint by Sun Cool, Inc.

Hüper Optik Ceramic films are 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free and will not demetallize or fade. Ceramics (often associated with demanding industrial applications) are known to be the most durable material, capable of enduring the harshest environments. Unlike dyed or metalized films, Hüper Optik’s spectrally tuned ceramic films offer superb heat rejection properties without compromising visibility, have low reflectivity and will not appear shiny. A natural view is maintained both day and night.

All Multilayered Ceramics deliver the following benefits:

  • German engineered, nano ceramic technology
  • Added protection and performance of multiple layers of true ceramic
  • Protects against glare and fading caused by UV rays