Scratch Resistant

All of our films manufactured by Llumar and Huper Optik utilize a scratch resistant coating. Tested by vigorously wiping the surface with 000 grade steel wool. Greatly advanced from the films of older technology.

The superior nature of Scratch-Resistant (SR) coatings…
The hard surface coating is formed using acrylics and an ultraviolet curing system. This provides a long-lasting durable surface that stands up to abrasions and cleaning. Scratch-Resistant coatings are commonly tested in two ways. Fine steel wool (000 grade) is often used as a quick test to determine scratch resistance. The CPFilms scratch – resistant coating can be vigorously wiped with steel wool without leaving any visible scratches.

A more quantitative test is ASTM D 1044 which utilizes a Tabor Abrader. This piece of equipment can be loaded with various weights and various abrasion wheels with differing abrasive qualities. Samples are tested for haze and then subjected to a specific number of cycles. The samples are again tested for haze and the change in haze is calculated. The industry standard uses a fairly soft CS 10F wheel, 500gm weights on the wheel, and
100 cycles. This test does not impact the CPFilms’ coating enough to give us the measurement definition we desire. All manufacturers’ coatings show little difference with this test.

CPFilms has found it necessary to use a much harder CS 10 wheel with 1000gm weights for 100 cycles in our process control to measure any slight variation. Even with this more stringent test there is little change in CPFilms’ product.